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Quote from Marshall in The Fight

Doug: Hey! Victory drinks! Free! Free! Free! Free! [to Marshall] $7.50.
Marshall: Why do I have to pay?
Doug: 'Cause you don't got my back. These guys got my back.
Marshall: Okay, you know what, Doug? I will gladly pay. And you know why? Because that's what grownups do. They pay for their drinks, and they don't get into fights. You know what I was doing, while you guys were out there being immature? I'll tell you what I was doing.
Barney: Your nails?
Marshall: No, I was doing...
Ted: The relationship quiz in this month's Cosmo?
Marshall: No, I was doing...
Barney: Your best not to cry when Big came back for Carrie at the end of the Sex and the City movie?
Marshall: No. No. Spoilers much?
Marshall: I'll tell you what I was doing...
Robin: The captain of the football team because he gave you his promise ring and you look so pretty in your open back Homecoming dress?
Lily: Sorry.

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