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Quote from Ted in The Naked Man

Future Ted: But I think you start to recover the moment you meet that person who gets you back in the game. This is the story of how I met that person. Now, kids, if you want to go swimming, you don't just dive in. First, you dip your toe in the water.
Ted: Hi.
Vicky: Hi.
Future Ted: You check the temperature. See how it feels.
Ted: I'm Ted.
Vicky: Vicky.
Future Ted: And then you slowly wade in.
Ted: I got left at the altar a month ago.
Future Ted: [v.o.] Or, you know, cannonball.
Ted: It was a complete disaster and ever since then, I haven't been able to even look at another woman. Except for the old lady on the subway who break-dances for nickels. I don't look at her that way. I just look at her. I mean, it's an old lady break-dancing. And she is good. I'm going to give her a dollar next time. Hey, let's pretend I just said this: These elevator rides have been the highlight of my week, and I'd love to see you again
Friday night. Not in the elevator. At a restaurant, a nice one. What do you say?
Vicky: Yes.

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