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Quote from Ted in Woooo!

Barney: Then I think you are going to really like what happened at work today.
Bilson: And so, while those bribes did destabilize the regime and caused the death of most of the royal family, it did lead to looser banking regulations in Rangoon. So yay us. Okay, last order of business. It's been decided we're going to move forward with plans for Goliath National Bank's new downtown headquarters.
Ted: Who's gonna design it?
Barney: Was my first question.
Barney: Who's gonna design it?
Bilson: We've already approached one firm about it. This Swedish architecture collective called Sven.
Ted: Sven? Sven?
Future Ted: [v.o.] Sven was this Swedish architecture collective revered for their bold, innovative designs. I hated those guys.
Ted: I hate those guys.

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