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Quote from Robin in Everything Must Go

Future Ted: [v.o.] So the next day, Lily took her painting to a coffee house that displayed local artists.
Lily: We've been sitting here for hours and nobody's even glanced at my painting. Come on. Let's start talking it up.
Robin: Wow! I really like that painting! It's neat! The... The colors are neat. The... The shapes are neat. It's really just... neat. [off Ted's look] What?
Ted: Observe. [clears throat] I think there's a dynamic quality to the brushwork that, combined with the fluid composition, creates an almost Kandinsky-like emotional resonance.
Robin: Yes, and you can still enjoy it even if you're not a pretentious douche.
Ted: Can you clarify something for me about your critique? Are the colors "neat" or are they more "neato burrito?"
Robin: Uh, then again, red cowboy boots.
Ted: I pull these off! [everybody laughs] I pull these off!

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