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Quote from Barney in Showdown

Bob Barker: Barney, you have seen your showcase. What do you bid on it?
Barney: [to the audience] Please, please. Please. Let me. 1-8-4-2-1.
[back at the apartment:]
Marshall: I don't even know what we're going to do with a dune buggy, but I want it!
[on TV:]
Bob Barker: And the actual retail price of your showcase is...
Barney: $14,628.
Bob Barker: $14,628. Millie, you are over. Too bad. Barney, you bid $18,421 on your showcase. And the actual retail price of Barney's showcase is... $18,421 exactly right! You win both showcases, Barney. Bob Barker, reminding you, help control the pet...
Barney: Before, before we wrap up the show, there's just something I want to say to you... [long silence] Congratulations on 35 wonderful years hosting The Price Is Right.
Bob Barker: Well, thank you, Barney. Thank you...
Barney: Have your pets spayed or neutered. Goodbye everybody.

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