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Quote from Barney in Bachelor Party

Future Ted: That same night, aunt Lily was having a wedding shower. And Robin showed up gift in hand. Funny story about that gift.
Robin: Hey, Barney, check out what I got Lily for her shower. It's kind of racy. Think you can handle it?
Barney: Uh, I've been in a ten-way. So, yeah.
Robin: It's kind of see-through.
Barney: Whoa, ho ho! You weren't kidding! You know when you should give that to her? 1850. Robin, it's her bridal shower! All her friends are gonna be there, they're going to be drinking. You need to get her something daring, something outrageous.
Robin: Well, what do you think I should get her?
Barney: There's a store on Eighth Avenue that specializes in... How to put this delicately? Uh, battery-powered, adult-recreational fake penises.
Future Ted: And so Aunt Robin went to a store on Eighth Avenue, and a battery-powered, adult-recreational... Well, it was something inappropriate. And we're back in.

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