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Barney Stinson: Wait for It

Wait for it is one of Barney's many catchphrases, often interjected into "Legendary". At Barney's suggestion, Marshall and Lily's son, Marvin, has the middle name "Wait-for-it".

Quote from Barney in Sweet Taste of Liberty

Barney: We're going to Sascha's.
Ted: Who the hell is Sascha?
Barney: Sascha. [points to security woman] She's having friends over for drinks at her house. It's gonna be legen- wait for it, and I hope you're not lactose intolerant 'cause the second half of that word is -dairy!


Quote from Barney in The Magician's Code - Part One

Barney: Okay, listen, I am going to get you to that hospital or die trying. And if I succeed, I ask only one thing in return. Let me choose your child's middle name because I have thought of the most awesome name of all time.
Marshall: What's the middle name?
Barney: Wait for it.
Marshall: I'm waiting.
Barney: Wait for it.
Marshall: I said I'm waiting.
Barney: Wait for it.
Marshall: What's the middle name?
Barney: No, the middle name is wait for it. Let's say the first name is - oh, I don't know - Barney. He'd be Barney Wait for It Eriksen. How awesome is that?
Marshall: That is... the coolest middle name of all time!

Quote from Barney in Rally

Robin: Wait, think about it. The first time Barney gave us that drink, those hangovers all happened at the worst possible moments. Remember? Marshall thought he botched day two of the bar exam, so he freaked out that night and got wasted?
Marshall: Now I'm gonna miss the last day of the bar. I'll never be a lawyer. I should just go back to being a manager at Structure. That "10 percent off all vests" sale? That was my idea. As was cutting the arms off the shirts that weren't selling. That's where I belong.
Barney: No, Marshall, you're gonna be a lawyer.
Robin: Ugh. No, I can't do it.
Barney: Yes, you can. Your first day back, live on the air, is gonna be legen... Wait for it.
Barney: Dary. Your kindergarten field trip to the Jackhammer and Siren Museum today is gonna be legendary.
Ted: No, it's not. Nothing's ever gonna be legendary again, I'm never gonna recover from this.
Barney: It's just a hangover, Ted.
Ted: Not that. I got left at the altar, Barney. I'm now a guy who got left at the altar. There's no coming back from that.
Barney: Drink this. You're gonna be okay.

Quote from Barney in Mosbius Designs

Marshall: So, apparently Robin and PJ are an item again.
Barney: You got to be kidding me! [downs drink, chokes]
Marshall: Are you all right?
Barney: Okay, since Lily's not talking to me, there's something I have to tell you. And this isn't easy to say, all right? I'm... wait for it... in... wait for it... love... wait for it... with... wait for it... a... wait for it... certain... wait for it...
Marshall: I know that you're in love with Robin!

Quote from Lily in The Magician's Code - Part One

Marshall: In return for him getting me here, I may have promised Barney that our son's middle name will be Wait For It.
Lily: I can't wait, just, what is the name?
Marshall: The name is Wait For It.
Lily: [screaming] That is... the coolest middle name of all time!

Quote from Barney in Slap Bet

Ted: Meanwhile, Robin tells me nothing.
Barney: Fine, do you want to know what Robin's secret is?
Ted: You know?
Barney: Of course I know. She couldn't look at us. Her face got flushed. That's shame. Our friend, Robin, used to do porn... wait for it... ography.
Ted: Yeah, we didn't really have to wait for that. And it's ridiculous.

Quote from Barney in Right Place Right Time

Barney: Petra Petrova. Bro's Life magazine's girl of the year for May. A delicate flower in stiletto pumps and leopard panties, straddling an ATV.
Ted: These magazines are so lame. I mean, she's probably airbrushed and enhanced.
Barney: I have a date with her.
Ted: You are my hero! Are you serious? How do you have a date with her?
Barney: Not part of the story. Ted, I have been waiting a long time to say this. This girl is the one.
Ted: Of course she's the one. You have to marry those. Her.
Barney: Marry? [laughs] No, I have something much, much more special in mind. Petra here, if all goes well, will be my... wait for it, two hundredth. Sorry, I couldn't wait. It's all too exciting.
Ted: Your two hundredth, as in "sex with"?
Barney: As in "sex with." I request the highest of fives.
Ted: Not if I was wearing a HazMat suit. 200 is too many.
Barney: Oh, right, 'cause there can be too many of something wonderful. "Hey, Babe Ruth, easy, big fella. Let's not hit too many homers." "Hey, Steve Guttenberg, maybe just make three Police Academy movies. America's laughed enough."

Quote from Barney in The Rough Patch

Ted: Look, there's no reason we should take this seriously, right?
Lily: Of course not. This is an old tape. Barney is happy with Robin.
Future Ted: [v.o.] But over the next couple of weeks, I started to notice things. Barney and Robin stopped having crazy adventures.
[at MacLaren's, where Barney is eating bar nuts throughout the conversation:]
Lily: So, what'd you guys do last night?
Robin: I wanted to go to a concert. He wanted to go to a party. Obviously, we couldn't do what just one of us wanted, so we just stayed in, watched a movie on cable.
Barney: It was Legen... Wait for it. ...ds of the Fall. Legends of the Fall! It was okay.

Quote from Barney in Blitzgiving

Ted: Wait. Blitz was there, too?
The Blitz: The Gentleman! The Gentleman! Oh, I was there for the whole thing. Something inside me just said "Grand Theft Auto" can wait a night.
Barney: It was legen - wait for Ted to leave, 'cause he's now The Blitz - dary. Legendary!

Quote from Barney in Legendaddy

Barney: So, all these years, there's this one question I've been dying to ask him.
Lily: "Why did you abandon me?"
Marshall: "Why'd you wait so long to contact me?"
Robin: "You've hurt me before. Why should I trust you now?"
[flashback to Barney meeting with Jerry at MacLaren's:]
Barney: Do you... get laid a lot?
Jerry: Big time. [sees a woman passing by] Observe.
[Jerry walks over to the woman, who writes down her phone number. Jerry returns to Barney.]
Barney: Oh, my God. That took you five seconds.
Jerry: Oh, was it that long? Life's too short for chatty chicks. [rips the piece of paper]
Barney: You're a master. You are legen... Wait for it.
Barney: ...daddy! "Legendaddy"! The man is a god!

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