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Totally Tool Time

‘Totally Tool Time’

Season 6, Episode 15 -  Aired January 28, 1997

Tim tries to put on a great show for a couple of Swedes who are interested in buying Tool Time. [Guest star: Drew Carey]

Quote from Tim

Tim: Fred, this show is a disaster. Those Swedes are probably on a plane back to Lingonberry Land now.
Fred: No, they're still here.
Tim: Yeah?
Fred: Yeah.
Tim: Is there any indication they might be enjoying the show?
Fred: Well, I think it's a fair assessment that, um... High probability...
Tim: Fred?
Fred: They're still here. Let's just hang onto that.


Quote from Tim

Sy: Hey! Thanks for having me on your show. I brought you a present.
Tim: Hey, Fred!
Fred: Yeah?
Tim: Had your lunch?
Fred: Oh, hey. Hey, thanks!

Quote from Tim

Fred: Hey, Tim! Tim, the Man's Gym sequence was incredible. I have chills.
Al: Fred is right. I think that the rowing-machine toilet made a big splash with the Swedes!
Tim: I'm not sure anything made up for the lingonberry accident and the Animal Control guy.
Fred: I'm sorry... Oh, listen. Here come the Swedes. They must've made their decision. All I want to say is no matter what happens, the most important thing is... is that we stick together. Please?!

Quote from Tim

Björn: Gentlemen, after much thought and many changes of clothes, we have decided to buy Tool Time.
Fred: Yes!
Al: All right! [laughs]
Tim: Thank you very much.
Al: So was it the Man's Gym that put you over the top?
Björn: Oh, no. We liked the whole show. In Sweden, we love slapstick comedy. You are the next Jerry Lewis. "Hey, Dean!"
Tim: Guys, that calls for a celebration. I tell you what. We work awful darn hard on this show...
[As Tim opens the champagne, Bjorn is soaked and takes a cork in the eye]

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