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Totally Tool Time

‘Totally Tool Time’

Season 6, Episode 15 -  Aired January 28, 1997

Tim tries to put on a great show for a couple of Swedes who are interested in buying Tool Time. [Guest star: Drew Carey]

Quote from Wilson

Tim: Wilson, thank you very much for being a guest on today's show.
Wilson: Oh, Tim, it's my pleasure. You know, I have many relatives living in Sweden. They're gonna be so thrilled to see me on TV. Some of them have never seen my face.


Quote from Tim

Jill: If the show's a big hit in Europe, does that mean we finally get to go there?
Tim: Yeah! We can go to England and visit the Aston Martin factory. Italy, the Ferrari plant. A romantic weekend in Stuttgart at the Porsche factory.
Jill: That's about as romantic as touring a sausage factory.
Tim: We can do that too. On the way home, we'll swing by Poland.

Quote from Brad

Tim: Hey, guys. I got the mail. There's a package from Sweden. You know what that means?
Brad: You won the Nobel Prize again?

Quote from Tim

Tim: Is everyone as excited about today as I am?
Jill: Oh, yeah. I'm going to the dentist to get my teeth scraped.
Randy: Is today when the Swedish guys are coming by Tool Time?
Tim: Ja! And if they like what they see, they're gonna distribute the show throughout Europe. You could be looking at the new international tool sensation.
Brad: Are you sure they're going to understand Tool Time in Europe?
Randy: Yeah, I mean, they barely understand it here.
Tim: Yeah? Let me give you two words to think about: Jerry Lewis.
Jill: Europeans like him 'cause he acts like a complete buffoon.
Mark: We're gonna be rich!

Quote from Tim

Tim: We're supposed to have celebrities guests. The Andrettis. You promised me.
Fred: I know. I'm sorry. I feel awful about this.
Tim: Fred, Fred. Um... um... um... um, isn't Paul Newman in town on a charity thing?
Fred: You know Paul Newman?
Tim: You're supposed to know Paul Newman!
Fred: Sorry. You're right. Don't worry. Listen, I got a lot of great ideas for backup guests. Oh! Hey! You know who would be great? Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Tim: Yes! You know him?
Fred: No, but he'd be great.

Quote from Tim

Al: As Tim said, we have a big show for you today. But we're gonna start off simple by showing you how to build these walnut valets.
Tim: Walnut valets? Is that someone you pay to park your nuts...?

Quote from Al

June: Here's another gadget for the travelin' man. A satellite dish in a suitcase.
Tim: Wow! It's got the little satellite phone over there, satellite dish. You know, Al's mom has a satellite chafing dish.
Al: Well, what else do you have to show us, June?
June: This is a golf club drink dispenser. [laughs]
Al: Oh. Great for bringing along my favorite drink: golf club soda. [laughs, snorts] But be sure you have a designated driver.
Tim: You know, I hate to wedge myself between you two, but, uh, tell us about this little stocking stuffer.

Quote from Tim

Al: Well, uh, why don't you tell us a little bit about what you do?
Tim: A very little bit. [laughs]
Sy: Well, I get up about 7 am and drive around and, uh, pick up dead animals with a shovel.
Tim: But at the Department of Animal Control, there must be some neat equipment, a special shovel you use?
Sy: No, no, no. Just a shovel. Found it by the side of the road last year. Before that, I didn't even have a shovel.
Al: What would be a really good day for you on a job like this?
Sy: Well, uh, one time I had an eight-possum Thursday.
Tim: Yeah. Well, you know, how could you beat a day like that, huh?
Sy: Well, I didn't think I could. But then one Tuesday, the good Lord blessed me with 12 raccoons and a skunk.
Tim: We... we were hoping to have Paul Newman on the show today.
Sy: Paul Newman? Cool Hand Luke, man! In that movie he had a great shovel.
Tim: You don't get out a lot, do you, Sy?

Quote from Tim

Tim: Hi. Welcome back. We've talked about a man's work. Now it's time to talk about a man's workout.
Al: Welcome to the Binford 6100 Man's Gym! All right. Let's start out here at the multi-purpose workout center.
Tim: It's where you get your bi's, tri's and thighs... up to size.
Al: This unit has features you'll only find in the Man's Gym.
Tim: Tired of sitting on a hard bench, you just press "number one." [a recliner appears] It's so cozy, I could snooze right now. [sighing]
Al: Now, you may be wondering if you're gonna take a snooze, how do you exercise?
Tim: Just press "automatic"... ...and the machine does the workout for you.
Al: Now, if the machine's doing all the work, how do you work up a sweat?
Tim: Easy. We got sweat in this one. We got cold beer over here. [drinks] That would be the sweat!

Quote from Tim

Al: All right, who hasn't been in the middle of a workout - when nature comes a-callin'?
Tim: In the Man's Gym... In the Man's Gym, you don't have to drop your workout to drop your drawers. Just row as you go. No need to lift the seat in the Man's Gym, I'll tell you that right now. How about a little refreshment, Al?
Al: Let's go to the bars. The Man's Health Bar.
Tim: Two Man's Gym Specials, Milt. Ah. Here's to your health. Nothing healthier than Swedish vodka.
Al: Unless, of course, it's a Swedish massage.
Tim: How about a little back rub, Milt?
Milton: I don't go for that sort of thing! But Helga does.
Tim: Oh... Oh, I love my job.

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