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The Naked Truth

‘The Naked Truth’

Season 4, Episode 19 -  Aired February 28, 1995

Tim doesn't want to tell Jill when he accidentally sees Marty's wife Nancy in the shower.

Quote from Tim

Marty: Hey, I want to propose a toast.
Tim: All right.
Marty: My new job, to Tim and Jill for all your encouragement, and to my lovely wife, Nancy, who's always been there for me.
Tim: Congratulations, Marty.
Marty: Who I must say is looking particularly delightful in this outfit. Don't you think so, Tim?
Tim: I never notice what she's wearing. I noticed what Jill's wearing. And it looks lovely on you.
Jill: Thank you, sweetie.


Quote from Tim

Nancy: I can't believe they're almost a year old.
Jill: Seems like just yesterday you were pregnant.
Marty: I still remember the time when you drove up to Saginaw and surprised Nancy during her shower.
Nancy: You know, speaking of showers...
Tim: Wait a minute. Isn't that our song?
Jill: We don't have a song.
Tim: We do now. Let's dance. Come on.

Quote from Tim

Marty: Hey.
Tim: What?
Marty: I'm cutting in. I want to dance with my beautiful sister-in-law.
Tim: What about me?
Marty: I'll dance with you next time. Come on. In the meantime, you dance with your beautiful sister-in-law.

Quote from Tim

Nancy: Tim, I really think it's time we tell them what happened.
Tim: No, it's too late now. If we wanted to tell 'em, we should have told 'em right away.
Nancy: I wanted to tell them but you talked me out of it.
Tim: OK, OK, I agree. Next time we see each other naked, we tell 'em right away.

Quote from Marty

Jill: Well, was that a fun evening or what?
Marty: Put me down for "what."
Nancy: Will you let it go, Marty? The whole thing was totally innocent.
Marty: Sure, to you and Peeping Tim here.

Quote from Tim

Jill: Look, it didn't bother me that you saw Nancy naked. I just don't understand why you didn't tell me about it.
Tim: Nancy didn't think it would be a good idea.
Jill: And so that's why she was the one that brought it up at dinner?
Tim: She's a very complicated woman.
Jill: Admit it. You didn't tell me about it because you liked what you saw.
Tim: I didn't like it. [off Jill's look] I didn't hate it.

Quote from Tim

Tim: Know what else? I don't even remember what she looked like.
Jill: Yeah, right.
Tim: Well, that's my story, and I'm sticking with it. Besides, I do remember why I went into the shower to begin with. I thought you were there.
Jill: What exactly were you planning on doing?
Tim: Jump in the shower, I'll show you.
Jill: All right.
Tim: [sings] La cucaracha, la cucaracha

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