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Home Improvement: The Longest Day

522. The Longest Day

Aired April 2, 1996

Tim and Jill have an anxious wait for the results of Randy's blood test when he might have thyroid cancer.

Quote from Tim

Tim: Oh-oh-oh. Lemon meringue. All right.
Jill: Don't touch that pie! That's for after dinner.
Tim: I wasn't going to touch it.
Jill: Then what are you doin' with a fork?
Tim: I had a little itch.
Jill: Oh, stop.


Quote from Jill

Jill: We'll be back around 5:30.
Tim: All right. Watch those speed bumps.
Jill: Good-bye. [exits]
[Tim grabs a spoon from the cutlery draw and walks towards the pie]
Jill: [o.s.] Stay away from that pie!

Quote from Tim

Tim: What are you doing?
Jill: I need sugar.
Tim: Well, you won't find much in there.

Quote from Randy

Randy: Well, I better get to school.
Tim: Um... Uh... Well...
Jill: You can stay home if you want today, honey. We could just talk.
Randy: Mom, there's nothing to talk about. I'm fine.
Tim: What about the arcade?
Randy: I really shouldn't miss history.
Jill: Well, OK. Well, bye.
Randy: Bye.

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