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The Haunting of Taylor House

‘The Haunting of Taylor House’

Season 2, Episode 6 -  Aired October 28, 1992

Tim creates a haunted house in the basement to scare Brad's friends, but he is more surprised when Jennifer isn't wearing the couple's costume they agreed to wear.

Quote from Brad

Jennifer: At kickball you picked Elaine instead of me.
Brad: She's good. I wanted to win.
Jennifer: But you embarrassed me. You should have seen Elaine. She was gloating.
Brad: Why didn't you just say something on the playground?
Jennifer: Bradley, how could you not know? You can be so dense.
Brad: Hey, I may be dense, but my team won.
Tim: [grunting] Don't start talking like that, Brad!
Brad: But I understand winning doesn't matter. I should have picked you.
Jennifer: I'm sorry I didn't come as Raggedy Ann.
Brad: Yeah. Not as sorry as I am.


Quote from Jill

Jill: OK, everybody. Come on down. Uh-oh, the lights don't work. This is not good. Be very careful. Stay together. Watch out for hideous monsters.
Curtis: There are no hideous monsters down here. [wipes nose]
Jill: There's at least one, Curtis.

Quote from Tim

Tim: You might not like it, but don't wreck this for everybody else, OK?
Danny: If you built this, it's all gonna fall apart anyway. Mm-hmm. I've seen your show. It should be called Fool Time.
Tim: Making fun of Nanastein's favorite show is not a good idea, son. Why don't you check out Nana's little toolbox, smarty.
Danny: Oh, a toolbox, I'm scared. What's gonna happen? Is a wrench gonna pop out and say "boo"?
Tim: I don't know.
Danny: Ooh, a bucket, I'm scared. [screams as he lifts the bucket to reveal Al's head]
Al: Where's my body?! My body?!

Quote from Al

Al: Tim.
Tim: What is it, Al?
Al: Well, what about me?
Tim: What about you?
Al: Well, there's spiders down here.
Tim: Al, those spiders are, like, joke spiders. Jill bought those at a magician's shop. They're rubber spiders. They're a lot of fun. OK?
Al: Tim.
Tim: I'll be right down to get you.
Al: Tim, I don't think she bought this at a joke store. Tim!

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