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Talk to Me

‘Talk to Me’

Season 4, Episode 20 -  Aired March 14, 1995

After Jill asks Tim to open up and then criticizes him for feeling like he is being taken for granted, he delivers his complaint on Tool Time.

Quote from Tim

Tim: I figured out a way to get your ring back.
Jill: What?
Tim: I taped up all the vents in the house, right, except the one in the kitchen. I installed a Binford 6100 super compressor on the furnace. I'm gonna blow that thing right out of here. So just stand back here for protection.
Countdown to ring-out. Three, two, one.
[Something shoots out of the vent, ricochets around the room and lands in a pan in on the stove]


Quote from Tim

Dave: Why didn't you call?
Jim: I was busy.
Dave: Too busy to call?
Jim: You know, I was thinking of you.
Dave: What were you thinking?
Jim: I was thinking of calling you.
Dave: No, you weren't.
Jim: Yes, I was.
Dave: Are you lying to me?
Jim: Am I lying?
Tim: [blows horn] Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. 'Fraid Lorraine's got your biscuits in a vise, buddy.
Dave: Now, wait a minute. I want to know why he didn't call me.
Jim: Dave, I think the role-playing's over.
Dave: Oh.

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