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Sisters and Brothers

‘Sisters and Brothers’

Season 4, Episode 24 -  Aired May 2, 1995

After traveling around the world, Jill's photographer sister Carrie (Tudi Roche) visits to see what suburban life is like. Marty and Nancy have to stay at the Taylor house after Tim screws up moving day. Meanwhile, Al's brother, Cal, visits Tool Time.

Quote from Tim

Tim: Welcome back to "Spring Spruce Up Week" for your backyard.
Al: That's right. We're going to show you how to maintain your wooden deck.
Tim: It's a heck of a deck.
Al: Actually, this deck is a wreck.
Tim: Really? Let's check.


Quote from Tim

Marty: Are you still playing with those ducks? You're supposed to be looking for Farmer Fred.
Tim: They're helping me. Come on, fellas.

Quote from Jill

Jill: Please don't go. I mean, I know we got mad this afternoon, but couldn't you just stay and talk?
Carrie: I don't think that's a great idea. Every time I open my mouth, I seem to upset you.
Jill: Well, not every time. I was OK when you came in and said hello.

Quote from Jill

Carrie: Look, Jill, I guarantee you your life is more satisfying than my life.
Jill: Well, what's wrong with your life?
Carrie: I'm just not as happy as I used to be. Maybe I need a new career. Maybe a husband. Maybe I should just go spend some time with the Dalai Lama, who, by the way, hates it when you walk up to him and go, "Hello, Dalai."
Jill: You know... Whatever it is that you're looking for, I'm sure you'll find it.
Carrie: Oh, how can you be so sure?
Jill: Oh, come on. You fell off a curb and Robert Redford caught you.
Carrie: Well, that's true. Which reminds me... Bob left a message on my machine the other week and I never called him back.
Jill: Bob? I hate you so much.

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