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Rebel Without Night Driving Privileges

‘Rebel Without Night Driving Privileges’

Season 7, Episode 23 -  Aired May 5, 1998

Randy is angry when he Tim and Jill tell him he can't drive at night after passing his test.

Quote from Tim

Jill: We've already talked it all out. I told him that I went overboard and that you were right.
Tim: Yeah, well, I'm telling you- She said I was right?
Randy: Well, she didn't use your name specifically.
Tim: That doesn't matter. This is huge.


Quote from Tim

Jill: Can we talk about the punishment he's gonna get for taking the car?
Tim: Thank God he's back in one piece. The car, I assume, is all right?
Randy: Yeah, it's fine, although it was pulling to the left a little, so I put some air in the tires.
Tim: Did you get the good air?
Randy: Yeah. Dad, I... I went to Smitty's. Hose across from pump number four.
Tim: Right. Did you talk to Smitty about the new air cleaner?
Randy: Did you know he's having marital problems?
Tim: His wife and him never get along.
Randy: I know.
Tim: I can't believe that.
Jill: Guys, can we get back to the punishment thing?

Quote from Tim

Jill: What do you think of Mark's band?
Tim: Sounds like they're playing my bench grinder. I wanna make sure they're not fiddling with my stuff out there. [Tim and Jill go into the garage] He's good. We can send him to Europe to study with the Gypsies.
Ronny: [sings] Yeah, yeah, yeah- [shouts] Take it, Mark.
Mark: [sings] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah. [music stops]
Jill: Wow, that was great, guys. Great. Really great.
Tim: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Jill: What do you call that?
Ronny: The Happy Clown.
Tim: You're a very strange little man, Ronny.

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