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Quote from Tim in From Top to Bottom

Tim: Let's take a look at some colors.
Sparky: All right. Love to, Tim. We've got lots of samples here. But our wheel, thank you, Heidi, is going to help determine what is the best color for the top of your car. Now, we have here the color that you've used for the exterior, a ruby pearl. Excellent choice, Tim.
Tim: Well, yes.
Sparky: Then the interior, Tim. You chose Rhone, so we line up these two colors, and then the inner wheel will show which color will best complement these two.
Al: You know, the burgundy's awfully tasteful.
Tim & Sparky: Wrong!


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Quote from Jill

Barbra Canfield: Jill, you're the psychologist. What do you think is going on under the surface with these guys?
Jill: Well, it's very common. Often a man feels threatened when a woman usurps his role as hunter-gatherer. I think that's Diane & Kathleen's husbands reacted the way they did.
Barbra Canfield: Well, why do you think your husband is so understanding? Why is he the exception to the rule?
Jill: Well, Tim is one of a kind. I mean, Tim breaks all the rules. Tim breaks everything.

Quote from Harry

Benny: So, Tim, we haven't seen much of you lately. Should I take that personally?
Tim: Yes. I've been working really hard on my hot rod. I was trying to get this thing done by Friday.
Harry: Well, you must have been busy. You haven't spent any money here in weeks. I had to cancel my trip to Hawaii.
Al: I just talked to Delores. She didn't say anything about a trip.
Harry: Delores wasn't invited. Besides, she's on her own vacation. She's scaring the bulls in Pamplona.

Quote from Jill

Barbra Canfield: Jill, how did your husband react when you told him you were going back to school?
Jill: Tim?
Barbra Canfield: If that's your husband.
Jill: Well, as memory serves, he was very supportive.
Kathleen: Boy, I wish I had a husband like yours. Mine's a total caveman.
Diane: Mine, too. When I told him I wanted my own career, he couldn't even articulate words. He just kind of went...
Jill: [grunts]
Diane: How did you know that?
Jill: Lucky guess.