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Quote from Tim in Rebel Without Night Driving Privileges

Randy: Dad, I wanted to talk to you about my driver's appointment.
Tim: OK.
Randy: I called to make an appointment. They were all booked up on Saturday, so I made it for tomorrow.
Tim: I can't go tomorrow. I'm working.
Randy: I know. Mom'll take me.
Tim: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. There are certain first times in a boy's life you don't want your mom with you, and this is the main one. Um... A week from Saturday, we'll go.
Randy: Dad, I don't wanna wait a week.
Tim: Wait a week for me.
Randy: I don't want to wait a week. I'll have Brad take me.
Tim: No, a father's supposed to be there for the great moments in his son's life.
Randy: Dad, you weren't there when I was born.
Tim: But this is big.


 ‘Rebel Without Night Driving Privileges’ Quotes

Quote from Brad

Tim: I found the root beer out there. Odd thing, though. I couldn't find the Nomad.
Jill: Oh, no!
Tim: It's not in the driveway. It's not in the garage. Where is the station wagon, Brad?
Brad: Well, it is called a Nomad. Maybe it wandered off?

Quote from Randy

Randy: I don't believe this. When I was his age you never would have let me go out this late on a school night.
Jill: Well, you also never had trouble making friends like he does. This thing has been really good for him.
Randy: Wait a second. Let me get this straight. Mark gets fewer rules because he's a dork. And I get more rules because Brad's a dork?
Brad: That's night-driving dork to you.

Quote from Randy

Randy: Well, I'm back safe and sound before the danger of nightfall rears its ugly little head.
Jill: Did you and Lauren have a good time?
Randy: Oh, yeah. We had another lovely wonderful afternoon date. We caught a 3:30 matinee filled with old people explaining the movie to each other. Then we went to an early-bird dinner filled with old people saying, [as an old man] "Does the salmon have bones? I hate bones."