Pete Quote #16

Quote from Pete in Desperately Seeking Willow

Tim: I guess you guys really know how to party on St. Patty's Day.
Pete: That's right. It's a big holiday up at K&B. It's right up there with Christmas... and Friday.


 ‘Desperately Seeking Willow’ Quotes

Quote from Tim

Heidi: Welcome back to our St. Patrick's Day Tool Time.
Al: And our salute to everything Irish.
Tim: [with Irish accent] There once was a lad from Nantucket...
Al: Tim.
Tim: First off, thanks to Seamus O'Connor for showing his antique Waterford crystal collection. It's priceless.
Al: Yeah. [glass shattering]
Tim: And somewhat fragile. Sorry, Seamus.
Al: Thank you, Seamus. You knew this was a possibility when you came on the show.

Quote from Rock

Al: Well, tell me this, since St. Patty's falls on a Tuesday, how do you find time to celebrate?
Dwayne: It is a challenging dilemma. But being skilled craftspersons, we've designed our own accouterments for just such a situation.
Tim: Well, your accouterments look suspiciously like just a green tool box.
Pete: Well, to the untrained eye, Tim. Open her up.
Tim: Aww.
Pete: Voila. A traditional Irish feast.
Tim: Look at that. Corned beef and cabbage.
Rock: Yeah, you betcha. And look down in this compartment. Instead of your nails and screws, you got your spuds and stews.
Al: Ah, it's a little oily there. [eats]
Rock: Yeah, well, that's where we typically keep the WD-40.

Quote from Tim

Jill: Tim? Where are you? I thought you were gonna help me with these bulbs.
Tim: Oh, I'll help you with those bulbs, all right.
Jill: What is that?
Tim: It's my bulb blaster.
Jill: Is this really necessary?
Tim: Probably not. But it's gonna be a lot of fun. Now, stand up. OK. Stand back. [gun blast] It's tulip time in Beijing. Look at that.