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Quote from Randy in I Was a Teenage Taylor

Randy: All right. One candy bar for the spaceman. And seven for the cute little lion cub.


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Quote from Al

Brad: How would you like to help us do this prank on our parents?
Al: Well, I wouldn't feel so bad about scaring your dad again, but no, I wouldn't feel right scaring your mom.
Randy: Really? Even after what she said about you?
Al: What did she say about me?
Randy: Oh, I believe she referred to your little Halloween party as "the marathon yawn-a-thon".
Al: Jill said that?
Randy: That's what I heard. What about you, Brad?
Brad: Yeah, I heard her say that. She also said your mom doesn't bob for apples. She bobs for ham hocks.
Al: I'm in!

Quote from Al

Brad: Now we gotta think of something just as good to get back at them.
Al: Well, you're Tim's sons. I'm sure you inherited the torture chromosome.

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Quote from The Longest Day

Randy: Why does this bad stuff always have to happen to me?
Tim: Well, bad stuff happens to everybody. Bad stuff happens to me all the time.
Randy: Yeah, but you cause it.

Quote from Say Goodnight, Gracie

Tim: [deep voice] No. Leave the girl alone. Give me my bamboo. My bamboo.
Gracie: Oh, Mr. Panda, thank you so much from saving me from Mr. Monkey.
Tim: Oh, don't thank me. Thank Mr. Tiger.
Gracie: That's Mr. Lion Cub.
Tim: Sorry. I've never been a lion cub before.
Randy: Well, I have. You know, I gotta tell you, it's a tough gig. Everyone expects you to be king.