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Quote from Tim in The Naked Truth

Tim: He's got a job interview on Saturday. You know, if he gets that job, I think they're going to move here.
Jill: Great. We'd get to play with those babies all the time.
Tim: And I get to play with my baby brother.
Jill: You're not gonna put him in a red ant hill again, are you?
Tim: I think I've grown out of that kind of prank.
Jill: Give him atomic wedgies?
Tim: Way too old for that.
Jill: Fake vomit in the shoes?
Tim: Never too old for that.


 ‘The Naked Truth’ Quotes

Quote from Tim

Jill: What was it you were trying to say?
Tim: That's our song, right there. That's our song.
Jill: "La Cucaracha" is our song?
Tim: [sings] La cucaracha, la cucaracha
Nancy: Tim and I saw each other naked.
Tim: [sings] I didn't mean to, I thought it was you, la la la la la la! Hey, everybody, come on!

Quote from Heidi

Heidi: Welcome to a very special Tool Time, live from Tim's bathroom. Now here they are, those princes of porcelain, those titans of the toilet, those jokers of the john, those bad boys of the bowl, those...
Tim: [o.s.] Heidi!
Heidi: Sorry. Tim Taylor and Al Borland.

Quote from Heidi

Stage Manager: Hey, where are you guys going? We're on! We're on in five, four, three, two...
Heidi: Welcome back to Tool Time, with those kings of the can, those lords of the loo, those thrill-seekers of the throne, those heroes of the head, those...
Tim: [o.s.] Heidi!