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Quote from Jill in Quibbling Siblings

Jill: You're always working on the hot rod together. You're always talking about what Brad's first car should be.
Tim: He'll be the first one to drive. He's the oldest.
Jill: Exactly my point. Randy is a middle child, just like I was.
Tim: We're not going through this middle-child thing again? Please.
Jill: It was very traumatic. I was constantly overlooked.
Tim: I know. Whenever you went to the zoo, you never got to see the animals you wanted to see.
Jill: Robin got to see the monkeys. Katie got to see the zebras.
Tim: I've heard this story over and over and over... [exits]
Jill: All I wanted to do was see the wallabies.


 ‘Quibbling Siblings’ Quotes

Quote from Randy

Tim: What are we waiting for?
Randy: Well, it's gonna take a minute to boot up. I still have that old I30 chip in it. Not much power.
Tim: Are you saying this thing needs more power? Lemme open it up. I can make this thing go faster.
Randy: Well, why don't we just save you the trouble and throw it up against the wall?

Quote from Brad

Tim: I want to thank our special guest Brad Taylor, who filled Al's tool belt admirably. With a few notches left over, I might add. [Heidi stands next to Brad]
Heidi: Goodbye, everybody.
Brad: Nee you sex time. See you next time.
Tim: Bye, folks.

Quote from Tim

Tim: What we have here, honey, is a simple case of sibling rivalry.
Jill: Exactly.
Tim: Which just proves, Ms. Straight-A Student, that I might know just about as much about psychology as you do.
Jill: Oh, really? What causes sibling rivalry?
Tim: Having more than one kid.