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Quote from Tim in Love is a Many Splintered Thing

Tim: Before you do that, I've been thinking.
Jill: What was the occasion?
Tim: I think we're compatible even though you like percale sheets and I wanna sleep with Dick Butkus.
Jill: Why are we compatible?
Tim: Because we choose to be. You and I are a pair o' ducks. And that's not necessarily a bad thing.
Jill: Pair o' ducks?
Tim: Yes. Yin and Yang. They couldn't swim the Chasm river, right? So they built this bridge, and they sat up there and quacked.
Jill: A bridge? You're trying to tell me you built a bridge?
Tim: No, no, no, no, no, no. Don't get me wrong. What we do is, we start over every day. I choose you, you choose me.
Jill: So we're, like, kinda stuck with each other.


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Quote from Wilson

Tim: Jill's taken this stupid test. It says we're not compatible. I know we love each other. I just wonder how we stay together if we're so different.
Wilson: Well, Tim, much of it has to do with the unity of opposites. The yin and the yang.
Tim: Those two pandas at the Washington Zoo?
Wilson: Oh, no, Tim. That would be Ling Ling and Hsing Hsing.
Tim: Oh, Hsing Hsing...
Wilson: Yes. What I'm talking about is the paradox of a relationship. And a paradox is not necessarily a bad thing.
Tim: A paradox is not necessarily a bad thing.
Wilson: There you go, neighbor. A paradox creates tension, and tension is energy, and energy is a force and we all live in this force, and that's the excitement of life and love. Are you with me, Tim?
Tim: You're saying a paradox is not necessarily a bad thing.

Quote from Jill

Tim: "If your husband was something you'd find in the kitchen, what would he be?" Oh, that's deep. Oh, yeah, that's deep.
Jill: I think you'll find this very insightful, Tim.
Tim: "A. An oven. Warm and self-cleaning." Not me. "B. Garbage disposal. Grating and eats anything." "C. A refrigerator. Very cold and the light's never on." These are stupid.
Jill: Well, come on. You haven't read the one that I picked for you. Read D.
Tim: "D. A teakettle. Hot and steamy, done in two minutes." Like I'm a teakettle.
Jill: Well, honey, you do whistle when you're done.

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Quote from At Sea

Tim: I wanna talk about you and Angela.
Brad: Dad, there's nothing to talk about.
Tim: I want to talk about sex for a minute.
Brad: Dad, I don't want...
Tim: I want you to listen to me, please. Listen up. Sex is, um... It's like a car. The best idea is to keep the car in the garage for a long, long, long time. And then, somewhere in the future, the distant future, when that garage door opens... you gotta think, "car cover".

Quote from Her Cheatin' Mind

Chris: So the only character you liked was the handyman?
Tim: No. I think the hero of this fine novel would have to be the husband. [all laugh]
Chris: He was the quintessential dullard.
Tim: Well, dullard or mallard, I don't care. She was married and only her husband should be allowed near Madame's ovaries.