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Quote from Mark in Where There's a Will, There's a Way

Mark: Will you give my will to the lawyer?
Jill: You made a will? That is so responsible of you. Let's see. "I give my piggy bank, my Rollerblades and all my toys to Mom. Except my G.I. Joe that Brad pulled the head off. I leave that to Randy 'cause I think he knows where the head is." Maybe we can take care of that while you're still alive.


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Quote from Jill

Jill: I want you to look at some of this stuff.
Tim: Oh, come on. It's tied and the Wolverines need me. Please? Please?
Jill: No, I need you. Come on, you can miss an inning.
Tim: Inning? Why do you always bug me during the football game? Did I bug you during childbirth?
Jill: No, but you bugged me during conception.

Quote from Jill

Jill: Tim, I'm gonna make an appointment with the lawyer. If you're even thinking about getting sick, go see a doctor.
Tim: Honey, I'm healthy as a horse.
Jill: Then see a veterinarian. When was the last time that you had a complete physical?
Tim: Honey, I... I go to the doctor all the time.
Jill: I'm not talking about the emergency room.

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Quote from Nothing More Than Feelings

Mark: Mommy, I'm worried.
Jill: About what, honey?
Mark: If you drool and sleep on your back, won't you drown?
Jill: No, honey. Thank you for your concern. Eat a carrot.

Quote from Yule Better Watch Out

Jill: Actually, honey. I think that those guys at the mall are Santa's helpers, you know. The way that AI is Daddy's helper.
Tim: Right.
Mark: So they do all the work.
Jill: Yeah.
Tim: They assist Santa. Like AI assists me.
Mark: Oh, that makes sense.