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Quote from Mark in Read My Hips

Jill: You remember the first time you kissed me? It was outside my dorm after Casablanca.
Tim: I thought it was after That Darn Cat starring Dean Jones. I often get those films confused. I remember, I hesitated. Then you shut your eyes. Boy, my heart was going crazy, wasn't it?
Jill: Oh, yeah, boom-boom-boom-boom.
Tim: Di-di-di-di-di. And then we did the tilt thing wrong. Then we locked. [they kiss]
Mark: [o.s.] Mommy and Daddy sittin' in the tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.
Randy: [o.s.] We're in the tree, stupid!


 ‘Read My Hips’ Quotes

Quote from Jill

Jill: Why don't you just ever tune in to me?
Tim: What am I supposed to do? Read your mind? At least when I want something, it's pretty clear what it is I want.
Jill: Well, that's true, Tim. Your signals are real clear. You crush a beer can on your head, that means, "I need another one." You belch... [belches] that's, "I'm done." And, "Honey, I took a shower," that's, "Wake up, I'm ready."

Quote from Al

Tim: Thank you very much and welcome to Tool Time. I'm your host, of course, Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor, and you all know my assistant Al "I can't find a better job" Borland. [chuckles] Anyway, all this week Al and I will be doin' our salute to safety, 'cause, after all, Al, a safe workplace is a happy workplace. Right?
Al: I wouldn't know, Tim.

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Quote from Nothing More Than Feelings

Mark: Mommy, I'm worried.
Jill: About what, honey?
Mark: If you drool and sleep on your back, won't you drown?
Jill: No, honey. Thank you for your concern. Eat a carrot.

Quote from Yule Better Watch Out

Jill: Actually, honey. I think that those guys at the mall are Santa's helpers, you know. The way that AI is Daddy's helper.
Tim: Right.
Mark: So they do all the work.
Jill: Yeah.
Tim: They assist Santa. Like AI assists me.
Mark: Oh, that makes sense.