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Quote from Rock in Stereo-Typical

Tim: Anyway, after the show, we got a terrific letter from the guys at K&B Construction Company. Boy, were they pumped. They wrote me, and I was excited to see them. So I've invited them down here to Tool Time. I want you all to give a big Tool Time welcome to the boys from K&B Construction. Bay City, Michigan: Rock, Dwayne, Pete and Juke! It's really nice to have you back again.
Rock: Great to be back, Timmy. Listen, we were so inspired by Janeen's performance on that saw, next day we went out to the job site and started listening to the sounds of the tools around us. We kept hearing the reverberation of steel on steel. Sledgehammers cracking concrete... [Tim grunts] and jackhammers busting cement!


 ‘Stereo-Typical’ Quotes

Quote from Tim

Tim: And thus you have a beautifully decorated nameplate for your home. So when you come to my door, whose house is it, Al?
Al: Rolyat Mit.
Tim: All you got to do is read it, and it says... Rolyat Mit. How did I screw that up? Anyway, that's just one of the uses for a scrolling saber saw. Another way to make a scroll cut is use your coping saw. Say, Al, do you suppose they call these coping saws cos they're good at handling stress?
Al: I don't think so, Rolyat.
Tim: Thanks, Al. I mean, La.

Quote from Tim

Tim: To most people, saws just mean noise, wood chips. And maybe a missing finger or two. Not to me. [chuckles] To me, a saw says the sound of power, something a man can relate to. Yeah, this bad boy is raw power. [audience grunts] Ar-ar yourselves. Yeah. This is a 3.5-cubic-inch chain saw. Automatic oil, manual chain style. [runs at the audience with the saw] Yeah, you won't have this thing around too long before you hear the wife going: "Are you sure you're supposed to have that running in the bedroom?" You want to cut down on the noise, put some tape across her mouth. I'm kidding. Al, the women know I'm kidding, right?
Al: That's Tim "He's Not Kidding" Taylor... [Tim cuts Al's cardboard sign with the saw] Boy, I'm tired of that sign, Al. Besides, the women know I'm kidding. If not, they're probably too busy yapping to hear me anyway.
Al: [with a new sign] That's Tim Taylor, care of Tool Time, P.O. Box 3273...
Tim: Al, Al. Do the words "job search" mean anything to you at all? [Al rips up the sign]

Quote from Jill

Tim: All right. I'll buy sensible speakers, but we could upgrade the amp, boost the power...
Jill: No boosting. No rewiring. I just want something simple I can turn on.
Tim: Like me.
Jill: Not that simple.