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Quote from Al in Dead Weight

Al: I was just thinking about my mother, all the great times we used to have. When I was a kid, she used to take us to the park. We'd fly kites, she'd push us on the swing. We'd spend hours on the teeter-totter.
Tim: I used to love the teeter-totter. Up and down. Up and down.
Al: Down?
Tim: Well, they play it differently in different parts of the country.


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Al: My mother was a great woman. She was my friend, my supporter, my teacher. And Tim's right. She said that there's nothing greater than sharing your love with someone else. And, well, there was something I was going to do the other night. And I don't think there's any reason for putting it off. Trudy, will you marry me? [off her reaction] Perhaps I've put you on the spot?
Trudy: Of course I'll marry you, Al. [applause]
Wilson: Al and Trudy, this is indeed a joyous occasion. Now, let us proceed to the grave site. Will the following pallbearers please take their places? Al, Cal, Tim, Brad, Mark, Marty, Benny, Patrick, Colin, Francis, Chris, William, Brian, Jake, Carson, Ted, Alonzo...

Quote from Al

Al: I'm taking Mother out to dinner to break the news to her first.
Jill: Oh! Well, that's a way to go.
Tim: And let me guess where you're taking her. Sven's All-You-Can-Eat Smorgasbord.
Al: No. As luck would have it... You know, they went bankrupt shortly after our last visit?
Tim: You know, I do remember seeing a white flag in their window, yeah.

Quote from Al

Jill: Look, let's be honest. Your mother was not in the best physical condition. The doctor said that she was a prime candidate for a heart attack.
Al: And I pushed her over the edge.
Jill: No.
Tim: You're being way too hard on yourself, Al. This is not your fault. And think of it this way. Your mom went the way she would want to go. She was dining in a fine restaurant.
Al: Surrounded by her favorite side dishes.
Jill: And now she's at that big buffet in the sky.
Al: I just can't believe she's gone. No more do-si-doing at the seniors' center. No more harmonizing with Don Ho.