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Quote from Heidi in Loose Lips and Freudian Slips

Al: Next you want to put in your chili mix.
Tim: Right. And a manly jalapeño pepper. Now, if there's women-folk partaking, you might want to go easy.
Heidi: Oh, please!
Al: Now, you want to let this stew for about a day.
Brant Von Hoffmann: But we have a pot here all ready for tasting.
Heidi: That's right.
Tim: Oh, yeah.
Heidi: Okay. Oh, clumsy me.
[After Heidi knocks some utensils off the cabinet, the guys all bend down to help her out. Heidi empties the bowl of jalapeño pepper into the chili.]
Heidi: Okay, here you go, boys.
Brant Von Hoffmann: Thank you.
Heidi: Oh, I'm sorry... "Men."
Todd Von Hoffmann: Al! Al, not with a spoon. Always eat three-alarm chili with a saltine.
Al: Absolutely!
Brant Von Hoffmann: That's right.
Heidi: I upped it to eight-alarm just to weed out the men from the boys.


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Quote from Wilson

Wilson: Well, my drama department wanted me to rewrite my play. But I was very passionate about Walking Naked.
Jill: So, you refused to make any of the changes?
Wilson: No, no, no, no. Quite the opposite. I caved in, rewrote the whole play. It was a big success.
Jill: You must've been thrilled!
Wilson: Uh-uh. No, I felt terrible because I compromised the integrity of the play.
Jill: So, you think that I should just stick to what I wrote originally?
Wilson: You know, Jill, your name is gonna be on that thesis forever. Shouldn't it represent something that you truly believe in?
Jill: Yes, it should. You've given me a lot to think about. Thank you, Wilson. You're always so sensible.
Wilson: Well, my pleasure. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an old brown bat to seduce.

Quote from Tim

Jill: How do you feel about some killer chili? You want to stay for dinner?
Gregory: Sorry. I can't masticate in front of strangers.
Tim: Who can?

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Quote from The Naked Truth

Heidi: Welcome to a very special Tool Time, live from Tim's bathroom. Now here they are, those princes of porcelain, those titans of the toilet, those jokers of the john, those bad boys of the bowl, those...
Tim: [o.s.] Heidi!
Heidi: Sorry. Tim Taylor and Al Borland.

Quote from The Naked Truth

Stage Manager: Hey, where are you guys going? We're on! We're on in five, four, three, two...
Heidi: Welcome back to Tool Time, with those kings of the can, those lords of the loo, those thrill-seekers of the throne, those heroes of the head, those...
Tim: [o.s.] Heidi!