Brad Quote #270

Quote from Brad in Neighbors

Brad: Man, I can't believe this!
Tim: Oh, be happy for him. You wouldn't want the prize anyway. Last game they gave away a year's supply of pudding.
Brad: I like pudding.
Announcer: [v.o.] This is the biggest giveaway in the history of Joe Louis Arena.
Tim: He's up on the screen.
Announcer: [v.o.] Wilson Wilson, as the one millionth visitor this season, Bay City Motors would like to present you with this check for $10,000!
Tim: Ten thousand dollars.
Brad: That's a lot of pudding.


 ‘Neighbors’ Quotes

Quote from Tim

Tim: But your neighbor has to look at this ugly thing though, huh?
Al: Maybe Wilson could plant some decorative ivy. Mother's always been partial to vines.
Tim: That's because she swings from them!

Quote from Wilson

Wilson: Did you know that hockey originated with the Iroquois Indians? Their original term for the game was "hoghee."
Tim: The Iroquois, huh? What did they use for a puck? Buffalo chips?
Wilson: [chuckles] No. In the Iroquois version, they used actual human skulls.
Tim: Really?
Wilson: No!

 Brad Taylor Quotes

Quote from The Route of All Evil

Randy: Hey, Brad. Mom and Dad want you to come down for dinner.
Brad: Tell them I'm not hungry. I'm trying to finish this paper and do my math homework at the same time.
Randy: "The Franco-Prussian War was fought in the year 1870 minus the square root of 113."
Brad: Oh, man. How could I have done that?

Quote from Mark's Big Break

Jill: Look, I know the video was bizarre. But isn't there something that you can do?
Tim: Sure. I could present it to the devil as an offering.
Jill: Couldn't you do some sort of special blooper show?
Brad: Mom, Dad already has one. It's called Tool Time.