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Quote from Harry in From Top to Bottom

Benny: So, Tim, we haven't seen much of you lately. Should I take that personally?
Tim: Yes. I've been working really hard on my hot rod. I was trying to get this thing done by Friday.
Harry: Well, you must have been busy. You haven't spent any money here in weeks. I had to cancel my trip to Hawaii.
Al: I just talked to Delores. She didn't say anything about a trip.
Harry: Delores wasn't invited. Besides, she's on her own vacation. She's scaring the bulls in Pamplona.


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Quote from Jill

Barbra Canfield: Jill, you're the psychologist. What do you think is going on under the surface with these guys?
Jill: Well, it's very common. Often a man feels threatened when a woman usurps his role as hunter-gatherer. I think that's Diane & Kathleen's husbands reacted the way they did.
Barbra Canfield: Well, why do you think your husband is so understanding? Why is he the exception to the rule?
Jill: Well, Tim is one of a kind. I mean, Tim breaks all the rules. Tim breaks everything.

Quote from Jill

Barbra Canfield: Jill, how did your husband react when you told him you were going back to school?
Jill: Tim?
Barbra Canfield: If that's your husband.
Jill: Well, as memory serves, he was very supportive.
Kathleen: Boy, I wish I had a husband like yours. Mine's a total caveman.
Diane: Mine, too. When I told him I wanted my own career, he couldn't even articulate words. He just kind of went...
Jill: [grunts]
Diane: How did you know that?
Jill: Lucky guess.

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Quote from The Look

Jill: If the Pistons make the play-offs, can I buy some games?
Tim: What do you want with play-off games, honey?
Jill: I'm gonna take my husband.
Tim: Hey. Your husband's a very lucky man.
Delores: How come you never say anything nice like that to me?
Harry: Your husband isn't as lucky.

Quote from The Vasectomy One

Tim: You know, this is amazing. Really amazing. You know a guy all your life and you don't know what's going on under his pants. [puts his hand on Harry's shoulder]
Harry: You know, just between you and me, there's nothing to it. You feel exactly the same as you did before. The only difference is your sex life.
Tim: What happens to it?
Harry: Any time, any place.
Tim: [laughs] Any time, any place.
Harry: You got it.
Tim: So this helped your relationship?
Harry: Well, nothing could help our relationship. But our sex life is a lot better. Well, just this morning I was getting ready to go to work, and Delores came in with curlers in her hair, and nothing else...
Tim: Harry, you've helped enough.