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Quote from Wilson in The Old College Try

Tim: We sound like a bunch of geezers.
Harry: Well, there's a very good reason for that.
All: We are.
Wilson: You know, I'm reminded of the English novelist Anthony Powell who said, "Getting old is like being increasingly penalized for a crime you never committed."


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Quote from Wilson

Tim: Wilson, you want some?
Wilson: Oh, no chili for me. You know, I just got my cholesterol results. I wish my IQ was that high. Wait a second. It is.

Quote from Jill

Tim: You won't believe what happened to me today.
Jill: What?
Tim: Wayne County Community College called the set and wants me to teach a class.
Jill: How to Blow Yourself Up 101?
Tim: You know, these barbs draw blood sometimes.

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Quote from Bye Bye Birdie

Tim: I want Brad to be a good student.
Wilson: Mm-hm.
Tim: So I told him that multiplying compound fractions is a real important part of that. But, you know, between you and me, it's kinda useless information.
Wilson: Well, I don't know about that, Tim. There was a time when I thought my extensive research into ancient tribal cultures, obscure scientific data, the thoughts of great philosophers, would never come in handy. Then you moved in.

Quote from Doctor in the House

Wilson: A Ph.D.?! Tim? Aw, Jill, Jill, Jill, Jill... Do you realize how many hours I had to study to get my doctorate in forgotten languages and extinct cultures? Oh, my, my, my. Sitting in that library, reading that insufferable microfilm till I thought I would practically go blind? Not to mention that to support myself, I had to volunteer as a subject for lab experiments. Oh, oh. And the thing that really irritates me about this whole thing...
Jill: Wilson!
Wilson: Oh, Jill, Jill, talk me down, talk me down.
Jill: I came out here so you'd talk me down.
Wilson: Oh, I'm sorry, Jill. I just lost control.