Benny Quote #40

Quote from Benny in The Old College Try

Benny: Let's go, guys. I've got rent to pay.
Harry: You don't pay rent. You mooch off your aunt.
Benny: It was a figure of speech.
Tim: Right up there with, "My wallet's in the car."


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Quote from Wilson

Tim: We sound like a bunch of geezers.
Harry: Well, there's a very good reason for that.
All: We are.
Wilson: You know, I'm reminded of the English novelist Anthony Powell who said, "Getting old is like being increasingly penalized for a crime you never committed."

Quote from Wilson

Tim: Wilson, you want some?
Wilson: Oh, no chili for me. You know, I just got my cholesterol results. I wish my IQ was that high. Wait a second. It is.

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Quote from Believe It or Not

Tim: I'm talking about extraterrestrials.
Benny: Why would a guy need more than two? [Tim and Marty laugh]

Quote from Super Bowl Fever

Larry: Hey, Benny, turn on the surround sound just for the touchdown.
Al: Not too loud.
Benny: Is this the one? [sparks fly]
Tim: Hey, Benny!
Benny: Let me guess. You hooked it up yourself?