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Quote from Tim in The Longest Day

Tim: Ah, smells good. Where am I?
Jill: I'm making a big family breakfast - eggs, bacon and silver-dollar pancakes. That's Randy's favorite.
Tim: You're gonna tip him off, honey.
Jill: What do you mean by that?
Tim: You make Randy something edible, he's gonna know there's something wrong.


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Quote from Randy

Randy: Why does this bad stuff always have to happen to me?
Tim: Well, bad stuff happens to everybody. Bad stuff happens to me all the time.
Randy: Yeah, but you cause it.

Quote from Jill

Jill: You're right, I tipped him off. I mean, what kind of mother am I? I had to go and fix him a decent breakfast.

Quote from Randy

Brad: Also, Randy had to go to another doctor and get a second blood test.
Tim: Why?
Randy: It's all Mom's fault. She told Dr. Medwick I been kinda tired lately.
Tim: Well, you have been. I caught you on the couch the other day asleep at 4:00.
Randy: Dad, I was watching Tool Time.