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Quote from Benny in The Vasectomy One

Tim: I'm not getting a vasectomy. I'm just talking about it, okay.
Marty: Yeah, well, all I know is I'd never let Nancy let me get clipped. You know? I mean, who'd want someone coming at you with a set of these?
Al: That's not what they use!
Benny: Then what does the vet use to cut them off?
Tim: What? You don't go to a vet - you go to a doctor. They don't cut anything off. They just tie something off inside.
Benny: I would still never get a vasectomy.
Harry: Well, why would you need one?


 ‘The Vasectomy One’ Quotes

Quote from Tim

Tim: I thought you were talking about the tube-tying thing.
Jill: Well, I am talking about tube-tying, except it's your tubes.
Tim: You can back up that clip ship right now.
Jill: Honey, it is much safer for a man to get a vasectomy than it is for a woman to have a tubal ligation.
Tim: Says who? The Wives with Knives Club?

Quote from Jill

Tim: A woman? You brought me here to see a woman?
Jill: I didn't know she was a woman. My gynecologist just said that Dr. Kaplan was the best urologist in town.
Tim: How am I supposed to talk to a woman about what's going on in manland?
Jill: Manland? Now you got a theme park between your legs?

Quote from Tim

Jill: Why don't you tell us what's involved in the procedure.
Tim: Yeah, I'm dying to hear this.
Dr. Kaplan: Well, the morning of your appointment, you'll have to shave in the area where I'll be making the incisions.
Tim: Shave? Here?
Dr. Kaplan: It's just a routine procedure.
Tim: Not in my house it's not. What do you think? I wake up, brush my teeth and shave ping and pong?
Jill: Well, you could go to a barber, but it might be a little awkward.