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Quote from Pete in To Build or Not to Build

Tim: Well, why don't we get started with that concrete? We gotta take our footing...
Pete: Excuse me, Tim. If we have just a minute, I'd... I'd like to read a poem. A short poem that I wrote for my mom. She'll be spending this Mother's Day up at Michigan State.
Tim: University?
Pete: No. Uh, penitentiary.
Dwayne: Pete. This is neither the time nor the place.
Pete: She was framed, Tim.
Tim: I think, under the circumstances, we could drop our tools for a couple of minutes and give a salute to mothers anywhere, or anywhere they spend their time.
Pete: "An Ode to My Mother" by Peter Bilker. That would be me. "Who etched this tattoo In her purple muumuu? Mother, Mother. Who posted my bail Every time, without fail? Mother, Mother. And who rushed to the car With my severed thumb in a jar? Uh... Father, Father. But who sewed it back on When the doctor was gone?" Mother, Mother. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!


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Quote from Wilson

Tim: You know, Wilson, that was a great... that's a great idea, flying your mom in like that. Randy, my... my middle son, is having trouble thinking of something for Mother's Day for... for my wife.
Wilson's mother: Oh, I'm sure she'll love anything he gives her.
Wilson: Mm-hm. That's right, Tim. After all, it was Pierre Corneille, the noted French playwright, who wrote: "I am in the habit of looking not so much to the nature of the gift as to the spirit in which it is given."
Tim: Oh, that's beautiful, yeah.
Wilson's mother: Excuse me, son. Are you sure it was Corneille? I believe it was Robert Louis Stevenson.
Wilson: Well, by golly, Mom, I think you're right.
Wilson's mother: Pierre Corneille wrote, "The manner of giving is worth more than the gift."
Wilson: Act one, scene one of his play Le Menteur.
Wilson's mother: Oh, you do your mother proud.
Wilson: Oh, Mom.
Tim: Thanks, Wilsons. I was enjoying this quotefest. But, remember, I'm the confused one. And I still don't know what to tell Randy about Mother's Day.
Wilson & Mother: Hm. Hm, hm, hm, hm.
Wilson's mother: The most important gift you can give any mother is to let her know she's loved and appreciated.
Wilson: I couldn't have said it better myself.

Quote from Al

Al: [sings] M is for the million things she gave me O means only that she's growing old
K&B Guys: [sing] She's growing old
Al: T is for the tears you shed to save me
Tim: Guys, guys...
Al: H is for the heart of purest gold
K&B Guys: Of purest gold
Al: E is for the eyes with love light shining R means right and right you'll always be
K&B Guys: She'll always be
Al: When you put them all together they spell...
Tim: [sings] Mother
Al: A word that means the world to me
K&B Guys: The world to me

Quote from Wilson

Tim: Afternoon, Wilson.
Wilson: Hidy-ho, neighbor.
Tim: What's with the flag?
Wilson: Tim, I'm commemorating the upcoming holiday.
Tim: With a flag? It's not the 4th of July. It's Mother's Day.
Wilson: You see, Tim, back in 1914, Congress passed a resolution establishing Mother's Day as an official holiday.
Tim: [inquisitive grunt]
Wilson: It was a proclamation calling on the public to display the flag as a sign of love and reverence for the mothers of our country, and it was issued by the president of the United States...
Tim: Wilson...
Wilson: Absolutely right, Tim. President Woodrow Wilson.
Tim: Well, maybe old Woodrow took credit for it, but I bet his mom gave him the idea.

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Quote from Bell Bottom Blues

Al: What does this have to do with stucco?
Tim: Nothing. But Tool Time's more than just home improvement. It's also about male improvement. I think it's time we took a little time out to talk about male appreciation. Like hugging.
Rock: Oh, bubba.
Dwayne: But, Tim, when you asked us to be on this show, you didn't say nothin' about no huggin'.
Tim: Well, it's OK for another man to hug another man, isn't it?
Dwayne & Pete: No.
Dwayne: I don't even hug my wife.
Pete: That's 'cause you can't get your arms around her.

Quote from Up Your Alley

Pete: I think Al could've taken her.

Quote from Dollars and Sense

Pete: Timmy!
Tim: Oh, Pete Bilker from K&B Construction. He'll be takin' us up top. It's good to be on the job site with you finally.
Pete: It's great to have you guys come see us for a change.
Al: I love what you done with the place.
Pete: Thanks, Al. I picked out the fire-retardant Monaco color myself.
Al: It shows.
Tim: You guys pick out your china pattern later. Right now I wanna get up to the high steel!