Brad Quote #16

Quote from Brad in Heavy Meddle

Tim: Where you going with the hose?
Brad: I thought maybe I'd water the lawn.
Tim: What did I tell you about water balloons?
Brad: Fill them up real full so they bust on contact?
Tim: That's right.


 ‘Heavy Meddle’ Quotes

Quote from Wilson

Jill: Wilson, aren't human beings more important than machines?
Wilson: Well, without a doubt. Although, I am quite fond of my waffle maker.
Jill: Well, thank you. I wish you would tell that to that knucklehead I'm married to.
Wilson: Oh, he knows how I feel. He's had my waffles.

Quote from Tim

Tim: Hey, why don't you and I play a little game?
Jill: What?
Tim: Let's play a little game, just you and I. Let's play.
Jill: OK. OK, all right. [Tim gestures] Three words. First word. Me. Woman. Jill. Jill, OK. Three words. Third word, third word. Hamburger. Red. Meat. Meat. Jill blank meat. Second word. [Tim pounds the burger patty] Jill dead meat.
Jill: So I guess you're kind of annoyed that nobody's working on your engine.
Tim: Well, how would you feel about it? If you planned a wedding shower for three months the night of the wedding shower, I bring these guys over to watch football?
Jill: That happened, Tim.
Tim: And you didn't like it, did you?

 Brad Taylor Quotes

Quote from The Route of All Evil

Randy: Hey, Brad. Mom and Dad want you to come down for dinner.
Brad: Tell them I'm not hungry. I'm trying to finish this paper and do my math homework at the same time.
Randy: "The Franco-Prussian War was fought in the year 1870 minus the square root of 113."
Brad: Oh, man. How could I have done that?

Quote from Mark's Big Break

Jill: Look, I know the video was bizarre. But isn't there something that you can do?
Tim: Sure. I could present it to the devil as an offering.
Jill: Couldn't you do some sort of special blooper show?
Brad: Mom, Dad already has one. It's called Tool Time.