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Quote from Swing Time

Tim: All right. Pete, have a seat, will you? Pete, do you consider yourself a... oh, I don't know, a construction worker of the '90s?
Pete: Well, Tim, nowadays when a hot rivet drops down in my shirt, I'm not ashamed to cry.
Tim: Something you should remember, Al, next time I drop a hot rivet down your shirt, huh?


Quote from Swing Time

Pete: Tim, I must tell you that Les is probably the best overall worker we have.
Tim: The best-looking worker in overalls, too. [laughs]
Les: Nope, that would be Pete.
Pete: Aw, heck!

Quote from Swing Time

Tim: Pete, can I talk to you for a minute?
Pete: You bet, Tim. But before you do, I wanna tell you, that swing set has made Little Pete real happy.
Tim: Well, looks like anything would make him happy. He's a happy-go-lucky kid.
Pete: No, Tim. He's neither happy nor lucky. You know, he's had a pretty rough go of it this past year, what with his mother leaving and all. I should've seen it comin' - goin' to the grocery store with nine pieces of luggage in the car.

Quote from Pump You Up

Pete: You know, Tim, studies have shown that hammering or any repetitive movement with the hand can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. To prevent this, my exercise program goes something like this.
[Pete breaths heavily as he opens and closes his hand]
Dwayne: Be sure to consult a physician before starting a strenuous exercise program.

Quote from Desperately Seeking Willow

Tim: I guess you guys really know how to party on St. Patty's Day.
Pete: That's right. It's a big holiday up at K&B. It's right up there with Christmas... and Friday.

Quote from The Long and Winding Road (Part 3)

Tim: You guys are here to play music, right?
Rock: Yes, sirree, Timmy! Pete!
Pete: That would be me. One, two... One, two, three!

Quote from Arrivederci, Binford

Pete: Tim, I've found that a good, strong air compressor... works beautifully to add bounce to a lifeless hairdo.

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