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Season 8, Episode 20 -  Aired March 16, 1999

After Wilson wins some money at a hockey game he attended with Tim and Brad, he decides to build a greenhouse in his backyard. Although Tim offers to help build the greenhouse, the neighbors are soon feuding about the plans.

Quote from Tim

Tim: I'd still like to help you build it.
Wilson: Great.
Tim: All right! Well, I'd better get these lights down and back. Tool Time set's kind of dark without them.
Wilson: You need some help?
Tim: No, I'll get them... Hey! Are any of those reflectors parabolic?
Wilson: Well, yes. Why?
Tim: I've got an idea of some fun we can have a little later on tonight.
[later, as Al sleeps alone in his bed, he is awoken by the bright light filling his room]

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