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Mr. Likeable

‘Mr. Likeable’

Season 8, Episode 9 -  Aired November 17, 1998

Al starts doing endorsements after the likeability ratings show he is more popular than Tim. [Guest star: Morgan Fairchild]

Quote from Brad

Mark: Well, Brad, thanks to you, Erica hates me.
Brad: What?
Mark: Your stupid advice backfired. I should never have pretended to care about her feelings.
Jill: So, you taught him that?
Brad: Look, I'm sorry, Mom. I know you're disappointed. But if it makes you feel any better, I hurt when you hurt. [chuckles]
Jill: That's it. I'm canceling your subscription to Sassy.


Quote from Jill

Jill: So, Captain, where's Tennille?
Tim: Like I haven't heard that from 6,500 longshoremen?
Jill: Well, I thought Al was supposed to do the entertaining.
Tim: He was until he backed out on the advice of his new manager, Roy Becker.
Jill: Roy Becker. I know that name. Didn't he use to live in this neighborhood before he made it big?

Quote from Jill

Tim: All the work I did for Al, he just forgets about me and picks another guy.
Jill: That is terrible. It doesn't sound like Al.
Tim: [answers phone] Ahoy.Promenade deck. Oh, hi, Al. You need a day off? Well, why... Get out of town! All right. Well, tell... Okay. All right. Thanks. Bye. [hangs up]
Jill: What was that about?
Tim: They're shooting a Movie of the Week here in town. He's got a bit part with Morgan Fairchild.
Jill: I love her!

Quote from Wilson

Wilson: Well, good going, Tim. You are quite a coach.
Tim: Al hired a professional manager.
Wilson: Well, good for Al.
Tim: He fired me.
Wilson: Bad for you.
Tim: Don't feel bad for me, I feel bad for Al.
Wilson: The overnight sensation who's appearing in a movie with Morgan Fairchild?

Quote from Al

Director: Scene 223 Baker. Take 15. And action!
Morgan Fairchild: You're leaving me for my sister? Which one?
Ted: The one carrying my baby.
Morgan Fairchild: Get out! Get out and never come back!
Al: Great news. I've snaked the toilet and you're good to go. [salutes]
Morgan Fairchild: Thank you, Gerard. Now, what have you got for a broken heart?
Al: Hey, Maggie! What's the matter? You can tell Gerard. [Morgan Fairchild groans as Al accidentally hits her in the gut] Oh, I'm sorry. I...
Director: Cut! The woman is emotionally devastated and you come bouncing in and salute her like Gomer Pyle on a sugar high?
Tim: [as Gomer Pyle] Well, golly!

Quote from Tim

Roy Becker: [on the phone] Hey, get me Freddie, the fish guy.
Tim: Wait a minute. You're replacing Al with a guy that bobs for bass?
Roy Becker: Let me see if I can get him on the phone.
Tim: You can't do this. He put his trust in you.
Roy Becker: You know, Taylor, it's times like this I hate myself. But then I buy myself a new suit and I feel terrific. By the way, who represents you?
Tim: Well, I...
Roy Becker: Hey, Frederico! Hey! How's the fish biting?

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