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Quote from A Frozen Moment

Tim: Honey, great news. The lumber showed up and I'm ready to roll.
Jill: Lumber? What's that for?
Tim: Uh... [chuckles] I went by the lumberyard. I had a vision.
Jill: Yeah, you have a vision every time you go by the lumber yard. That's why when I'm in the car we never go that way.


Quote from Feud for Thought

Jill: Tim, the reason I never resolved things with Joanie was because I was just... so hurt by what she did to me. You know, my family moved around so much, Joanie was the first girlfriend I ever had. And she... betrayed me. It took me a long time to trust anybody after that.
Tim: Honey... Betrayed you?
Jill: Tim, she didn't even have the nerve to tell me herself. I had to hear it from Alice the crossing guard.

Quote from Engine and a Haircut, Two Fights

Brad: Hey, everybody.
Randy: I think I just found my Juliet.
Jill: Brad, your hair is so, um...
Brad: Cool. Isn't it cool? You know, I was gonna go with my usual quarter of an inch, but at the last second, I decided to go for something just a bit different.
Randy: And you got it.
Brad: You know, Mom, I was a little nervous at first, but I think this look's really working for me.
Jill: Yeah, yeah. Well, it's interesting. It's short, it's long. It's got a tail. It's interesting.
Brad: You don't like it, do you?
Jill: No, no, I didn't say that. You know, it just takes time to get used to. I'm getting used to it. I'm sure eventually that I'll like it. [chuckles] I'm there. I like it.
Brad: All right.
Jill: Who wouldn't like it?

Quote from Engine and a Haircut, Two Fights

Jill: Well? What happened? Did you get the part?
Randy: Well, l...
Jill: You don't want to tell me because you're afraid I'll want to rehearse with you.
Randy: Will you?
Jill: Did you get the part?
Randy: I asked you first.
Jill: OK. If you don't want to rehearse with me, you don't have to.
Randy: I got the part. [runs away]
Jill: Oh, please, please, please! Let me rehearse with you! I promise I'll be better!

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