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Quote from The Wood, the Bad and the Hungry

Tim: Harry, what kind of transformer will get this to light up, like, real bright?
Harry: Well, you only need a 50-volt. But knowing you...
Tim: Yeah?
Harry: [straining] ...you'll want the thousand-volt.


Quote from Communication Breakdown

Harry: How could you leave my friend stranded for three hours?
Dennis: I... I got paged on another job. I guess I got a little overbooked.
Jill: He's here now. No big deal.
Harry: It's a very big deal. You know you can't leave Tim alone with a hole in the wall.
Tim: [to Jill] Told you so.

Quote from The Old College Try

Tim: Harry, you want some chili?
Harry: Oh, no, thanks. I don't want to irritate my colon.
Tim: Gee. Thanks for sharing.

Quote from A Hardware Habit to Break

Tim: Hey, guys. Got the hot rod outside. Want to go for a ride? We'll scare some student drivers, huh?
Al: No, that's okay. Go ahead.
Tim: No! Student drivers! Get up behind them. [imitates horn] What's the matter?
Al: Tell him, Harry.
Harry: ... I can't. I mean, look at that face. Poor guy's got no clue.
Tim: I've never had a clue. Come on, guys. What's going on?
Benny: Harry's selling the hardware store. [Tim goes limp]
Marty: Oh, quick! Get a chair!

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