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Quote from Future Shock

Marge: So, what's going on?
Delores: Oh, we're just doing a little husband-bashing.
Marge: Sorry I'm late. I'll have the beef dip.
Jill: Speaking of dips, I was just talking about Tim. I have got to find a way to make him more flexible.
Delores: You've got as much chance of that as Marge digesting the... [shouts to the kitchen] beef dip!


Quote from Jill and Her Sisters

Delores: Hi, Jill.
Jill: Hi, Delores, how are you?
Delores: Oh, I've been better. Some jerk just left me a four cent tip.
Jill: People can be so rude.
Delores: Well, the joke's on him. His veggie burger was made out of pork.

Quote from Communication Breakdown

Delores: Tool Man, I'm gonna glaze you that ham.
Tim: Glaze away, baby.

Quote from A Hardware Habit to Break

Delores: Look, why don't you guys talk it over while I feed Harry something fatty and salty?

Quote from When Harry Kept Delores

Man: Uh, what about my coffee?
Delores: What? Your legs broken?
Man: Is that decaf?
Delores: Is that what you want?
Man: Yes.
Delores: Then that's what it is.

Quote from Communication Breakdown

Delores: But Dennis has found a career he really loves, isn't that right?
Dennis: Oh, yeah. It's awesome. I mean, the technology's changing every day.
Tim: Yeah, I read a lot...
Dennis: And the best thing is, I'm smack dab in the middle of it!
Tim: Congratulations...
Dennis: And I'm getting paid for it! I mean, it's the coolest job.
Tim: Boy, you're perky, Dennis!
Harry: Yeah. He takes after his mother.
Delores: [mouth full] Shut up, Harry!

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