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Quote from Tim in Workshop 'Til You Drop

Dr. Emory: Repressed anger can often be a problem in marriages. When we keep things bottled up inside they can surface at inappropriate moments. Would anyone like to share an angry moment they've been holding on to? [Tim raises his hand] Tim.
Tim: I'd like to share an angry moment.
Jill: Go. No, no, go!
Tim: OK. [sighing] I went to an auto parts store to pick up some windshield wipers, to replace them on my Mustang. It clearly said on the box, "Will fit any Ford". A Mustang's a Ford, isn't it? Well, I get them home, they're the clip-on type, not the snap-on type. They didn't fit. I couldn't use them. I take them back to the store, they would not give my money back because they were used! [exhaling]
Jill: This is your big angry moment?
Tim: You bet. It's been with me a long time. It's great to get it off my chest.
Dr. Emory: What has that got to do with your marriage?
Tim: I was married at the time.

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