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Quote from Tim in Brother, Can You Spare a Hot Rod?

Tim: Anyway, Papa Mia is a car collector. He offered me a chunk of change for my hot rod so I sold it.
Wilson: Tim! You sold the hot rod? I'm taken aback.
Tim: Well, I can't take it aback now. I already gave it to him.
Wilson: No, no, no. I'm surprised. You put a lot of work into that hot rod.
Tim: Well, yeah, I did. But the work was kinda what I liked, you know? I was thinking about it today - all the fun I had with it. I got pictures here. Look at this. That's when I first had the chassis.
Wilson: Oh, that is a very photogenic chassis.
Tim: Look, that's when I put the small block in. Rebuilt everything, painted it. That's out of the paint shop. And that's where I bronzed his first set of brake shoes.
Wilson: You know, it's so funny, Tim. Most guys would have pictures of their family in their wallet.
Tim: Yeah, it is funny, isn't it? They're back here.
Wilson: Oh, there they are. Sitting in the hot rod.

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