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Quote from Wilson in Shooting Three to Make Tutu

Wilson: Boy, it's too bad you're busy today. I've got two free tickets to the Pistons/Bulls game.
Tim: Oh!
Wilson: Ohh! It's a shame. First row.
Tim: No!
Wilson: Mm-hm. Courtside.
Tim: No way! Courtside? Let me just take a look at them. This is down... these are right behind the players' bench. How did you get these?
Wilson: Radio call-in contest. They asked the name of the astronomer famous for his three laws describing the motion of the planets around the sun. And I was the 15th caller that knew that it was, indeed, Johannes Kepler.
Tim: There were 14 other people that knew that?
Wilson: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

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