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Quote from Tim in Young at Heart

Wilson: Well, I'm very sorry, Tim. I'm just asking if your mechanic was a man, would you have spent all that time over at the garage?
Tim: What does that have to do with anything?
Wilson: Well, maybe you withheld information from Jill because actually you are attracted to Alex.
Tim: No, no, no. No. Maybe. Who hasn't fantasized about dating an arc welder? [quietly] I am attracted to her. It's horrible.
Wilson: No, it's not horrible as long as you don't act on it.
Tim: Yeah, it is. Well, I would never act on it.
Wilson: You want to be sure not to put yourself in a situation where you could be tempted.
Tim: You know, I'm the kind of guy that doesn't like playing with fire... unless it's on Tool Time.
Wilson: And we've all seen what happens there.

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