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Quote from Tim in Taylor Got Game

Brad: Simon's one of Wilson's friends. Dad invited him to the game the other day and he came and told me I was good enough to play professional, and I said, "Yeah. I'm up for it."
Jill: You're up for it? What makes you think that your father and I would even consider allowing you to do this?
Brad: Well, Dad was the one that told me about it.
Jill: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Your father knows about this? He's in favor of this?
Brad: Well, yeah. He seemed excited when Simon told him how good I was. They talked about the whole thing while they were working on the car.
Jill: So while changing a windshield wiper, your father single-handedly decided to change your entire future?
Tim: All right, who's ready to suck down a banger? [off their looks] You can get a salad, too, if you want.

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