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Quote from Tim in All in the Family

Jill: What are you doing home so early?
Tim: Three words. Rag, oil, match. Well, the boys are still at school. How's that window situation holding up?
Jill: Oh, the window. Actually, I'm wide open until after 2:00. And then again between 3:00 and 3:30.
Tim: Two windows in the same afternoon? There's bound to be some broken glass.
Jill: I'm willing to risk it.
Jill: [doorbell chimes] Should we get that?
Tim: Let the machine get it.
Carrie: [o.s.] [knocks] Jill, honey, it's me, Carrie!
Jill: Oh, my God! That's my sister Carrie!
Tim: Let the machine get it.

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