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Quote from Tim in From Top to Bottom

Tim: There's been big historical moments in all of television. Remember the first step on the moon? Right in a... [blows raspberry] Oh, yuck! The Berlin Wall falling down. [German accent] "Look out. Those big bricks, they hurt me, dude! Look out!" But today, on this sound stage, we're gonna break all records. This is going to be the biggest thing in the history of television. I'm gonna pick out the color of my convertible top. Huh!
Al: That's right. So why don't we bring out the man who will show Tim all of his color choices, auto design specialist, George Sparky Henderson!
Sparky: Hey, Al.
Tim: Welcome to the show. Thanks for coming, Sparky.
Sparky: Tim. I want to say it's an honor, your having me here as part of this historic moment.
Tim: I couldn't do it without you.

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