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Quote from Jill in Taps

Brad: You lied to Grandpa.
Jill: I didn't exactly lie.
Randy: Well, then what exactly did you do?
Tim: There's a very good explanation for this. What is it?
Jill: I'm really burned out from school. I need time for myself. But if I told that to your grandpa, it would have hurt his feelings.
Randy: So when we get older and we don't want you to visit, can we lie?
Jill: Randy, when your father and I get older, you won't have to lie because you're going to want to be around us all the time. Because we're gonna be just as cool as we are right now. Right, Tim? I'm dyin' here, aren't l? [they nod]
Tim: All you're missing is the headstone.

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