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Quote from Tim in Shopping Around

Mr. Leonard: Let's start with the gutters. Now, I've cut these pieces with an old-fashioned hack saw.
Tim: Right. Now we can attach the gutters to our fascia board using this bad boy. The Binford C02-powered nail gun. [grunts] Oh, yeah! This will shoot a thousand eight-penny nails, galvanized, in an hour.
Mr. Leonard: All right. Hold your horses!
Tim: No, Mr. Bond. You hold your horses.
Mr. Leonard: First we have to pop-rivet the joints. Now, the rivets will not be complete until they're actually... [Tim fires the nail gun] Ah! Ah! Oh! Oh-ho!
Al: You shot Mr. Leonard in the butt?
Tim: Yes. That's exactly why you shouldn't play around with a nail gun! Just calm down, I'm trained in first aid. I'll need a claw hammer, a vacuum hose, some Band-Aids and a magnet.

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